The KXD mobile phone, two of the most perfect water drop full screen mobile phone

 In the past two years, the comprehensive screen design of water droplets has swept the market, and major mobile phone manufacturers are rushing to catch up with this trend, and constantly launch new water-screen full-screen mobile phones. The KXD mobile phone brand is also keeping up with the market trend. This year, it launched two water-screen full-screen mobile phones, which is the most perfect water-drop screen mobile phone. So what kind of design can be regarded as the perfect water droplet full-screen design? Next, let’s take a look at these two relatively perfect water-screen full-screen phones!

 The first is the KXD A8, which has an extraordinary visual effect and experience with a 19:9 ultra-high screen ratio. Equipped with MTK6580A processor, equipped with 1GB RAM + 16GB ROM standard memory combination, support 32GB memory card expansion. It is equipped with a full-screen screen with a 5.71-inch 1440×480 resolution drop. In terms of taking pictures, the front and rear cameras are 5-megapixel photosensitive elements, which support the focusing function. In theory, the fastest focusing speed reaches 0.3 s. In addition, the front and rear camera aperture is F/2.0. The rear camera is designed for dual-camera, and the sub-camera is 300,000 pixels for recording depth of field information. On the battery capacity, equipped with a large battery of 2520 mAh for a whole day without worrying about no electricity.

 Then the KXD A9, this phone is configured higher than the A8, the same is the 19:9 ultra-high screen ratio design, the screen is equipped with a 6.22-inch waterdrop screen, the screen accounted for 89%, the screen resolution is up to 1528*720. Configuration, the KXD A9 is equipped with MTK6739 processor, Android 9.0 system. And with 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM memory combination, support 128GB ultra-high memory card expansion. Camera, rear dual camera, respectively, using 8 million + 300,000 high-definition cameras, front camera up to 5 million, F / 2.0 large aperture, this A9 is undoubtedly the best choice for taking pictures. The battery is equipped with a large capacity battery of 3000 mAh.

 The comprehensive screen design of water droplets is a trend in the development of mobile phones in the future. It is believed that the two full-screen screens of the KXD mobile phone brand are more suitable for consumers who have limited budget and are interested in comprehensive screens.

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