KXD A9 is the 2019 most worthy waterdrop full-screen mobile phone

 Nowadays, when many users buy mobile phones, they will not only look at the appearance of the mobile phone, but also how the performance is. What more is the attention to the details of the whole mobile phone, and the most intuitive way to see if a mobile phone is worth buying. Whether it is easy to use, it depends entirely on a screen, so today I recommend the KXD A9’s great waterdrop screen mobile phone under the KXD mobile phone brand, and this waterdrop screen mobile phone is not only excellent in screen quality, but also overall performance and experience. Very satisfying.

KXD A9 this phone can be said to be the benchmark in the water drop screen, the appearance is very beautiful, the value is also quite satisfactory, the front is equipped with a burst of waterdrop screen design, the surrounding border is also relatively narrow. And the back is also designed with four curved surfaces, which is very hard. The advantages of this KXD A9 phone are very many, the most impressive is the screen of this phone, the screen of the phone accounted for up to 89%. Compared with notch screen, the first impression is that the vision is very broad.

For the camera, the rear dual camera, the pixel is equipped with 8 million + 300,000 high-definition camera, F2.0 large aperture, I believe that every photo taken is a masterpiece. The front camera is equipped with a 5-megapixel camera, and you can take self-portraits and show your temperament.

Configuration, KXD A9 equipped with MTK6739 processor, standard 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM, also supports expandable memory up to 128GB, battery capacity up to 3000 mAh, maximum standby up to 11 days, continuous call up to 18 hours, can Say no longer need to worry about the lack of power.

KXD A9 mobile phone phone is not only performance, but also the value of the face, and behind the value of the face, we can also see KXD in the A9 mobile phone constantly injecting technology genes, will be more updated technology application On the other hand, we hope to create a more fashionable and better-used digital product. After satisfying the user’s expectations in both aspects, we are very sure that the KXD mobile phone user experience can meet our expectations.

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