KXD A8 mobile phone recommendation High cost performance, buy is to earn

With the rapid development of mobile phone industry in recent years, many of major mobile phone suppliers are investing heavily in high-end flagship phones, however, they come in a wide variety of functions, will you get dazzled and are you really confident about picking the right one when you look at these high-priced flagship phones? Now there is good news to everyone, we highly recommend a KXD brand mobile phone from mainland of China for you, which is KXD A8, a smart mobile phone with water drop screen.

From the original function phone to the current smart phone, KXD mobile phone brand still has its own indelible position and market in the international mobile phone market. Because of that, KXD mobile phones still have a huge market in Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions. Now we will introduce you more about the details of KXD A8 smart phone and why it is so popular in foreign market.

KXD A8 adopts the 5.71 inch and 19:9 water drop screen, which accounts for 89% of the screen. The resolution is as high as 1014*480, with high picture quality, which is no longer the parent of the flagship phone. At the same time, the appearance is available in black and white both. All these designs makes the overall effect tentacles and user experience perfect.

Regarding of internal configuration, KXD A8 uses a combination of mainstream mature chip MTK6580A, it can proceed multitask smoothly, ensure normal application operation does not jam, cope with the normal game operation, meet the needs of normal mobile phone use. In our design, MTK6580A chip has better power control to reduce battery consumption, however, for people who use their phones for a long time every day, phones may still need to be charged every day to function properly.

In photography, KXD A8 is embedded in the popular 5-megapixel rear camera, suitable for daily use. Although the photo pixel can not compare with the world famous mobile phone brand, but photo processing function is still above average. In addition, KXD A8 also retains a 3.5mm headphone jack.

In the mid-range mobile phone products, KXD A8 works hard to get all the features of the flagship phones. A lot of users commented that KXD mobile phone brand as a veteran of mobile phone industry in the mainland of China, designed and launched KXD A8 with sincerity to pay back users.

With powerful configuration and exquisite appearance, deeply customized system based on android 8.1, stable and smooth operation.

In a word, KXD A8 is a very good cost performance of the phone, it not only has mainstream configuration solutions, personalized rear cover design, excellent hardware configuration, but also has a good performance with taking photos and battery life, it is an excellent smart mobile phone with water drop screen.

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