Give you the best way to remove your blackheads!

Blackhead control has more to do with your overall skin routine rather than one fix-it product. Blackheads form on the t-zone when oil, dirt, and dead skin cells clog your pores. Rather than trying to remove them after the fact, focus on stopping them before they start. To lower your chances of getting blackheads to begin with, make sure you are incorporating all of the essential steps in your daily skin routine – these will vary according to your skin type.

Start with cleansing your face twice daily to minimize clogged pores. Often the instinct is to choose a cleanser that feels harsh or leaves skin feeling tight because “that’s how you know it’s working”. Doing this could actually increase oil production and make things worse. Find the right products for you by first discovering your skin type. Next, apply a tonertwice daily to keep your skin pH balanced so it stays hydrated – preventing excess oil production. Regular exfoliation is important to keep pores free of the debris that can clog them. Use a physical or chemical exfoliant 2-3 times a week so skin stays smooth and pores remain clog-free. Applying a clayor acne mask 2-3 time a week will also help you avoid blackheads – they act as vacuums that pull excess debris from your pores and kill acne-causing bacteria. Lastly, you can supplement your skin routine with products that minimize oil production. Using a mattifying cream during your morning skin routine will keep oil production to a minimum so skin stays shine-free all day.

Here are deatil 9 ways to remove blackheads from Lukelady blog: How to get rid of blackheads on your nose and face?

1. Cleanse with salicylic acid

Salicylic acid is the preferred ingredient for blackheads and whiteheads because it breaks down the materials that clog pores: excess oil and dead skin cells. By choosing a daily cleanser with salicylic acid, you can remove these elements in addition to daily dirt, oil, and makeup.

But many people are sensitive to salicylic acid and you may not be able to use it more than once every few days. If you continue to react to it, discontinue use.

2. Bring in the Chemical Exfoliants

With 25 percent AHA (alpha-hydroxy acids, like lactic and glycolic) and 2 percent BHA (beta-hydroxy acids, like salicylic), this night serum works to resurface your skin by exfoliating away any built-up dead skin cells that can contribute to clogged pores.

Leave it on clean, dry skin for 20 minutes, rinse it off with warm water once every two weeks (this formula can be intense), and slowly, but surely, your blackheads will quite literally disappear.

3. Pick up a skin brush

A skin brush can provide similar exfoliating benefits as AHAs by removing excess dead skin cells. The key, though, is to use it only once a week so you don’t cause irritation. You’ll also want to use your skin brush on alternating days from AHA or BHA exfoliators.

 4. Use a charcoal mask

Like clay masks, charcoal masks work deep in the skin to draw out oil, dead skin cells, and other impurities. The ingredient charcoal is thought to take these benefits up another notch.

5. Try a clay mask

Bentonite clay is a powerful detoxifier known for its unparalleled skin-clearing superpowers. This mineral-rich ingredient addresses the four main causes of acne—oil production, dead skin cells, clogged pores, and bacteria—through the process of adsorption. When mixed with water and applied to the skin, it acts like a magnet, drawing impurities (blackheads) out of pores.

6. Consider tea tree oil

Tea tree oil touts antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties that make it a savior for unblocking sebaceous glands, combating breakouts, and banishing blackheads simultaneously—and that’s not all. For a DIY toning tonic, mix a few drops of tea tree essential oil, apple cider vinegar, and filtered water. Spray directly onto face or onto a cotton pad, and apply to the affected area. Follow with moisturizer. Don’t miss these other home remedies for acne.

7. Mix up a DIY remedy with baking soda and water

You can remove blackheads from nose at home. Whip up a paste with equal parts baking soda and water. Massage the mixture onto the skin, rinse with lukewarm water, and follow with moisturizer. Baking soda does double duty balancing skin’s pH and working as a physical exfoliant to lift away dirt, oil, and pore-clogging impurities.

8. Try topical retinoids

Retinoids may be helpful for stubborn cases of acne by helping to unplug pores. This process can also make other OTC products more effective, because they’ll be better able to enter the follicle

9. Use Blackhead Remover

If you want to get rid of blackheads on your nose quickly, you can try use a blackhead Remover sucker, but you’d better choose a right blackhead remover, we recommend this Vacuum Blackhead Remover sucker, it can deep cleansing pores and blackheads, suck out all the gunk, no more clogged pores, it is very safe and useful.

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